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1970 Miss World Jennifer Josephine Hosten

Jennifer Josephine Hosten was the winner of the title of the Miss World 1970 pageant contest, representing Grenada. The contest was held in London, United Kingdom. She was the first woman who became the title holder from her country.

The contest was begun with a row because the organizers had decided to allow two entries from South Africa, one black and one white.
There were so much controversy nearby her victory and also outrage among feminist groups, newsmen and pageant fans. After so many despite Jennifer Hosten was complimented in Grenada as a “national heroine”. Later six or seven months, six stamps commemorating to her, were printed in her admiration in June 1971.

Jennifer Hosten was born on March 12, 1948 in St. George's, Grenada and raised there. When she won the crown of Miss World 1970 in December, she was only 22 years old. She completed her education in London and before becoming a flight attendant, she spent he time to work for the BBC's Caribbean radio.

After spending her year of office, she became a customer relations officer with Air Canada and married with airline’s executive David Craig. Until 1973, both they lived in Bermuda, when they took up residence in Ontario, Canada.

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Win the Contest of Miss World 1970 Jennifer Hosten

Beauty Full Photo of Jennifer Hosten

Winner of Miss World 1970

Win the Contest of Miss World 1970

1970 Miss World

Jennifer Hosten win the Contest

Old Jennifer Hosten Photo

Miss World Jennifer Hosten and Bob Hope

Miss World 1970 Top 7

Jennifer Hosten and Bob Hope Photo

Jennifer Hosten and her Husband photo

Miss World 1970 Group

1970 Miss World Jennifer Josephine Hosten From Grenada

1970 Contestants List

Africa South - Pearl Gladys Jansen

Argentina - Patricia Maria Charré Salazar

Australia - Valli Kemp

Austria - Rosemarie Resch

Bahamas - June Justina Brown

Belgium - Francine Martin

Brazil - Sonia Yara Guerra

Canada - Norma Joyce Hickey

Ceylon - Yolanda Shahzali Ahlip

Colombia - Carmelina Bayona Vera

Cyprus - Louiza Anastadiades

Denmark - Winnie Hollman

Dominican Republic - Fatima Shecker

Ecuador - Sofia Virginia Monteverde Nimbriotis

Finland - Hannele Hamara

France - Micheline Beaurain

Gambia - Margaret Davies

Germany - Dagmar Eva Ruthenberg

Gibraltar - Carmen Gomez

Greece - Julie Vardi

Grenada - Jennifer Josephine Hosten

Guyana - Jennifer Diana Evan Wong

Holland - Patricia Hollman

Hong Kong - Ann Lay

Iceland - Anna Hansdottir

India - Heather Corinne Faville

Ireland - Mary Elizabeth McKinley

Israel - Irith Lavi

Italy - Marika de Poi

Jamaica - Elizabeth Ann Lindo

Japan - Hisayo Nakamura

Korea - Lee Jung-Hee

Lebanon - Georgina Rizk

Liberia - Mainusa Wiles

Luxembourg - Rita Massard

Malaysia - Mary Ann Wong

Malta - Tessa Marthese Galea

Mauritius - Florence Muller

Mexico - Libia Zulema Lopez Montemayor

New Zealand - Glenys Elizabeth Treweek

Nicaragua - Evangelina Lacayo

Nigeria - Stella Owivri

Norway - Aud Fosse

Philippines - Minerva Manalo Cagatao

Portugal - Ana Maria Diozo Lucas

Puerto Rico - Alma Doris Perez

Seychelles - Nicole Barallon

South Africa - Jillian Elizabeth Jessup

Spain - Josefina Román Gutiérrez

Sweden - Marjorie Christel Johansson

Switzerland - Sylvia Christina Weisser

Thailand - Tuanjai Amnakamart

Tunisia - Kaltoum Khouildi

Turkey - Afet Tugbay

United Kingdom - Yvonne Anne Ormes

United States - Sandra Anne Wolsfeld

Venezuela - Tomasa Nina (Tomasita) de las Casas

Yugoslavia - Teresa Djelmis


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