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1967 Miss World Madeline Hartog Bel

Madeline Hartog Bel won crown of Miss World 1967 contest, representing Peru. She was born in Camaná, Arequipa. After becoming a semi-finalist of the Miss Universe pageant in 1966, she went on to win the crown of Miss World in London, UK later on the same year.

Madeline moved around to Vietnam and also traveled world wide showing her class and beauty, became famous as “a chic girl” because of her not only fashion style and also her own style hairdo, which made a influence in that age (it was used long hair).

Madeline e didn’t imagine for winning the title of Miss World and almost vanished when she received the crown. Miss Peru organization took decision enroll her in Miss World pageant due to her stunning beauty and for the happiness of Peruvian people she won title of Miss World 1967.

Madeline she is married and resides in Pearl Harbour Island in Miami. She is now semi-retired of public life. Still her beauty and class is as before and she keeps care for that. Madeline Hartog Bel is one of the most prides in Peru.

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Beauty Full Picture of Madeleine Hartog Bel

Winner of Miss World Madeleine Hartog Bel

Miss World Madeleine Hartog Bel

Madeleine Hartog Bel Miss World

Madeleine Hartog Bel Photo

Win The Contest of Miss World

1967 Miss World

Madeleine Hartog Bel Wallpaper

Miss World 1967 Top 7

Miss World Madeleine Hartog Bel in 1967

Miss World 1967 Madeleine Hartog Bel

Miss World 1967 Group Photo

1967 Miss World Madeline Hartog Bel From Peru

1967 Contestants List

Argentina - Maria del Carmen Sabaliauskas

Australia - Judy Lockey

Austria - Christl Bartu

Belgium - Mauricette Sironval

Brazil - Wilza de Oliveira Rainato

Canada - Donna Marie Barker

Ceylon - Therese Fernando

Chile - Margarita Tellez

Costa Rica - Marjorie Furniss

Cyprus - Laila Michaelides

Czechoslovakia - Alzbeta Strkulova

Denmark - Sonja Jensen

Dominican Republic - Margarita Rosa Rueckschnat Schott

Ecuador - Laura (Laurita) Elena Baquero Palacios

Finland - Hedy Rannari

France - Carole Noe

Germany - Ruth Köcher

Ghana - Araba Martha Vroon

Gibraltar - Laura Bassadone

Greece- Mimika Niavi

Guyana - Shakira Baksh

Holland - Monica van Beelen

Honduras - Alba Maria Bobadilla

Iceland - Hrefna Wigelund Steinthorsdóttir

Ireland - Gemma McNabb

Israel - Dalia Regev

Italy - Tamara Baroni

Jamaica - Laurel Williams

Japan - Chikako Sotoyama

Kenya - Zipporah Mbugua

Korea - Chung Young-hwa

Lebanon - Sonia Faris

Luxembourg - Marie-Joseé Mathgen

Malta - Mary Mifsud

Mexico - Maria Cristina Ortal

Morocco - Naima Benjelloun

New Zealand - Pamela McLeod

Nigeria - Roseline Balogun

Norway - Vigdis Sollie

Panama - Carlota Lozano

Peru - Madeleine Hartog Bel Houghton

Philippines - Margarita (Maita) Favis Gomez

Portugal - Teresa Amaro

South Africa - Disa Duivenstein

Sweden - Eva Englander

Switzerland - Edith Fraefel

Tanzania - Theresa Shayo

Tunisia - Rekeja Dekhil

Turkey - Nese Yazicigil

Uganda - Rosemary Salmon

United Kingdom - Jennifer Lynn Lewis

United States - Pamela Valari Pall

Venezuela - Irene Böttger Herrera

Yugoslavia - Aleksandra Mandic


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