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1962 Miss World Catharine Lodders

Catharina Johanna was winner of the 12th Miss World pageant contest 1962 representing Netherlands. It was held on 8th November, 1962 at the place of Lyceum Theatre in London, UK.
Catharina Johanna Lodders won the 1962 Miss World contest, representing the Netherlands. After Corine Rottschafer in 1959, she became the second woman from her country to win the title of Miss World.

She was very gorgeous girl with a yummy green-eyed brunette. Her words when she became Miss World were, “I don't think I'm the most beautiful girl in the world -I am the most beautiful girl here."

Before becoming the title holder of the Miss World, Catharina Lodders was already successful fashion model. With good looks, her willpower was so strong and she had a confidence that she would set apart from her contestant.

Catharina Lodders, she continued her career in modeling after her successful bid for the title of Miss World 1962. After some time she married with the American singer and songwriter named Chubby Checker and blessed with three beautiful children. She is now performing a new role of a grandmother.

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Win the Contest of Miss World Catharine Lodders

Beauty Full Catharine Lodders Photo

Winner of Miss World in 1962

Miss World 1962

Miss World Catharine Lodders

Old Catharine Lodders

Miss Wold 1962 Catharine Lodders

Catharine Lodders Picture

Miss World 1962 walking

Miss World 1962 Group

1962 Miss World Catharine Lodders From Holland

1962 Contestants List

Argentina - Maria Amalia Ramirez

Austria - Inge Jaklin

Belgium - Christine Delit

Brazil - Vera Lúzia Saba

Canada - Marlene Leeson

China, Republic of - Roxsana L.S. Chiang

Cyprus - Magda Michailides

Denmark - Rikki Stisager

Ecuador - Elaine Ortega Hougen

Finland - Kaarina Marita Leskinen

France - Monique Lemaire

Germany - Anita Steffen

Greece - Glasmine Moraitou

Holland - Catharina Johanna Lodders

Iceland - Rannveig Ólafsdóttir

India - Ferial Karim

Ireland - Muriel O'Hanlon

Israel - Ilana Porat

Italy - Raffaella da Carolis

Jamaica - Chriss Leon

Japan - Teruko Ikeda

Jordan - Leila Emile Khadder

Korea - Chung Tae-ja

Luxembourg - Brita Gerson

New Zealand - Maureen Te Rangi Rere I Waho Kingi

Portugal - Palmira Ferreira

South Africa - Yvonne Maryann Ficker

Spain - Conchita Roig Urpi

Sweden - Margaretha Palin

United Kingdom - Jackie White

United States - Amadee Chabot

Uruguay - Maria Noel Genouese

Venezuela - Betzabeth Franco Blanco


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