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1960 Miss World Norma Gladys Cappagli

Miss World 1960, it was the 10th annual Miss World pageant, was organized 8th November, 1960 at Lyceum Theatre, London, United Kingdom.

In the Miss World 1959 pageant competition, there 39 contestants competed for the Miss World but Norma Cappagli was the one who dominated and won the crown of the winner of Miss World 1960 representing Argentina.

Norma Gladys Cappagli was born in the year of 1939. She was the first woman to win the title of Miss World from Argentina and also the second South American woman to win the title. Norma Cappagli was crowned as Miss World with the fourth design Miss World crown. She got prize of $500 and a sports car in competition.

Miss World 1960, Norma Gladys Cappagli had done same as previous Miss World. As she was very stunning and stylish, she extended her influence and ran as a model and famed as one of the super models of her period. After over the period of her domination she traveled the worldwide on most photographic assignments.

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Norma Gladys Cappagli Miss World in 1960 Photo

Winner of Norma Cappagli in 1060

Win the Contest Norma Cappagli Picture

1960 Norma Cappagli Image

Miss World Norma Cappagli Wallpaper

1960 Miss World Norma Cappagli

1960 Norma Gladys Cappagli

1960 Norma Cappagli Miss World

1960 Miss World
Norma Gladys Cappagli From Argentina

1960 Contestants List

Argentina - Norma Gladys Cappagli

Australia - Margaret Pasquil Nott

Belgium - Huberte Box

Bolivia - Dalia Monasteros Thornee

Brazil - Maria Edilene Torreão

Burma - Ma Sen Aye

Canada - Danica d'Hondt

Cyprus - Mary Mavropoulos

Denmark - Lise Bodin

Ecuador - Maria Rosa Rodriguez Vascones

Finland - Margaretha Schauman

France - Diane Medina

Germany - Ingrun Helgard Möckel

Greece - Kalliopi Geralexi

Holland - Carina Verbeck

Iceland - Kristin Thorvaldsdóttir

India - Iona Pinto

Ireland - Irene Ruth Kane

Israel - Gila Golan

Italy - Layla Rigazzi

Japan - Eiko Sakimurai

Jordan - Eriny Emile Sebella

Kenya - Jasmine Batty

Korea - Lee Young-hee

Lebanon - Giséle Nicolas Naser

Luxembourg - Liliane Mueller

Madagascar - Rajaobelina Bedovoahangy

Nicaragua - Carmen Isabel Recalde

Norway - Grethe Solhoy

South Africa - Denise Muir†

Southern Rhodesia - Jenny Lee Scott

Spain - Concepción Molinera Palacios

Sweden - Barbro Gunilla Olsson

Tahiti - Teura Bouwens

Tanganyika - Carmen Lesley Woodcock

Turkey - Nebahat Cehre

United Kingdom - Hilda Fairclough

United States - Judith Ann Achter

Uruguay - Beatriz Benitez


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