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1954 Miss Universe Miriam Stevenson

Miriam Jacqueline Stevenson was born 4 July 1933, of Winnsboro in South Carolina. She won the Miss USA pageant as Miss South Carolina USA in 1954. She was the first Miss USA to hold the Miss Universe beauty crown.

The third edition of Miss Universe was held on 24 July 1954, at Long Beach Municipal Auditorium, Long Beach, California, USA. They had 33 young ladies in the competition. Miss USA, 21-year-old Miriam Stevenson, won the competition. She became the first American to win the Miss Universe competition.

The pageant that year was very interesting as a statistical tie between her and Brazil’s Martha Rocha happened. The tie-breaking decision eventually came down to who’s physically sexier. The title went to her because of her “fitter” hips. Stevenson out of goodwill gave the car she won as part of her prize to Martha Rocha.

As part of the pageant prize, a contract with Universal Studios allowed her to have a one-year stint in Hollywood. Miriam however surprised everyone when she decided to return home to South Carolina in order to complete her education.

While there, she appeared as host of some local television shows. During this time, she met and married Donald Upton – an artist, writer and politician. They had two children. She remained a media personality through the 1970′s as an actress, commercial model and beauty pageant judge.

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1954 Miss Universe Miriam Stevenson Photo

Miss Universe Miriam Stevenson

Win the Contest of Miss Universe 1954

Miriam Stevenson Miss Universe 1954

Miss Universe 1954 Crowning Moment Photo

Miriam Stevenson Picture

Beauty full Photo of Miriam Stevenson

Miriam Stevenson Image

Miss Universe 1954 Top 5 Fanalist

Miriam Stevenson Photo

Miriam Stevenson Miss Universe

Miriam Stevenson Old Photo

Miss Universe 1953 Top 5 Fanalist

Miriam Stevenson Wallpaper

Miss Universe 1954 Group Photo

1954 Miss Universe Miriam Stevenson From USA

1954 Contestant List

Alaska - Charlein Lander

Argentina – Ivana Olga Kislinger

Australia - Shirley Bliss

Belgium - Christiane Darnay Neckaerts

Brazil - Maria Martha Hacker Rocha

Canada - Joyce Mary Landry

Chile - Gloria Legisos Mesina

Costa Rica - Marian Esquivel McKeown

Cuba - Isis Margarita Finlay García

El Salvador - Myrna Ros Orozco

Finland - Lenita Airisto

France - Jacqueline Beer

Germany - Regina Ernst

Greece - Rika Diallina

Honduras - Lilliam Padilla

Hong Kong - Virginia Lee Wai-Chun

Israel - Aviva Pe’er

Italy - Maria Teresa Paliani

Japan - Mieko Kondo

Korea - Kae Sun-hae

Mexico - Elvira Castillo Olivera

New Zealand - Moananui Akiwa Manley

Norway - Mona Stornes

Panama - Liliana Torre

Peru - Isabella León Velarde Dancuart

Philippines - Blesilda Mueler Ocampo

Puerto Rico - Lucy Santiago

Singapore - Marjorie Wee

Sweden - Ragnhild Olausson

Thailand - Amara At-Savanon

Uruguay - Ana Moreno

USA - Miriam Stevenson 1954 Miss Universe

West Indies - Evelyn Laura Andrade

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1953 Miss Universe Christiane Martel

Miss Universe 1953, the second Miss Universe pageant, was held on July 17, 1953 at Long Beach Municipal Auditorium, Long Beach, California, USA. 27 contestants from 24 countries competed in the pageant, which was held concurrently with the Miss USA 1953 event. Miss France, 18-year-old Christiane Martel, won the competition, becoming the second Miss Universe. As the previous titleholder, Armi Kuusela, resigned before her reign ended, she was crowned by actress Julie Adams.

Christiane Martel was born in Paris, France in 1932. Shortly after her reign, Martel embarked on a successful career in international films, appearing in movies such as Yankee Pasha, So This Is Paris, the 1956 version of Corazón salvaje (playing the villain Aimée), Viva el Amor!, Rosa Blanca and her last film to date, 1961′s Leoni al Sole. Martel was married briefly to Ronnie Marengo, a department store heir, whom she divorced in 1955.

She later married Miguel Alemán Velasco, who would become Governor of Veracruz and is the son of Miguel Alemán Valdés, former president of Mexico. She presently resides in Mexico in the state of Veracruz. They have three daughters and one son. Their son, Miguel Alemán Magnani is a stakeholder of Televisa and the owner of low-cost airline, Interjet. She made her last television appearance at the Miss Universe pageants in 1993 and 2007 that were held in Mexico.

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1953 Miss Universe Christiane Martel Photo

Miss Universe 1953 Crowning Moment Photo

Winner of Miss Universe 1953 Title

Win the Contest of Miss Universe 1953

Miss Universe Christiane Martel

Christiane Martel Picture

Christiane Martel Swimming Suit Photo

Christiane Martel Photo

Beauty Full Photo of Christiane Martel

Christiane Martel Wallpaper

Miss Universe 1953 Christiane Martel

Christiane Martel Miss Universe

Christiane Martel Image

Christiane Martel Miss Universe 1953

Christiane Martel Old Photo

Miss Universe 1953 Top 5 Fanalist

1953 Miss Universe Christiane Martel From France

1953 Contestants List

Alaska - Muriel Hagberg

Australia - Maxine Morgan

Austria - Lore Felger

Belgium - Elayne Cortois

Canada - Thelma Elizabeth Brewis

Denmark - Jytte Olsen

Finland - Teija Anneli Sopanen

France - Christiane Magnani Miss Universe 1953

Germany - Christel Schaack

Greece - Doreta Xirou

Hawaii - Aileen Lauwae Stone

Italy - Rita Stazzi

Japan - Kinuko Ito

Mexico - Ana Bertha Lepe Jiménez

Norway - Synnøve Gulbrandsen

Panama - Emita Arosemena Zubieta

Peru - Mary Ann Sarmiento

Philippines - Cristina Pacheco

Puerto Rico - Wanda Irizarry

South Africa - Ingrid Rita Mills

Sweden - Ulla Sandkler

Switzerland - Danielle Oudinet

Turkey - Ayten Akyol

Uruguay - Ada Alicia Ibáñez Amengual

USA - Myrna Rae Hansen

Venezuela - Gisela Bolaños Scarton


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