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1970 Miss World Jennifer Josephine Hosten

Jennifer Josephine Hosten was the winner of the title of the Miss World 1970 pageant contest, representing Grenada. The contest was held in London, United Kingdom. She was the first woman who became the title holder from her country.

The contest was begun with a row because the organizers had decided to allow two entries from South Africa, one black and one white.
There were so much controversy nearby her victory and also outrage among feminist groups, newsmen and pageant fans. After so many despite Jennifer Hosten was complimented in Grenada as a “national heroine”. Later six or seven months, six stamps commemorating to her, were printed in her admiration in June 1971.

Jennifer Hosten was born on March 12, 1948 in St. George's, Grenada and raised there. When she won the crown of Miss World 1970 in December, she was only 22 years old. She completed her education in London and before becoming a flight attendant, she spent he time to work for the BBC's Caribbean radio.

After spending her year of office, she became a customer relations officer with Air Canada and married with airline’s executive David Craig. Until 1973, both they lived in Bermuda, when they took up residence in Ontario, Canada.

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Win the Contest of Miss World 1970 Jennifer Hosten

Beauty Full Photo of Jennifer Hosten

Winner of Miss World 1970

Win the Contest of Miss World 1970

1970 Miss World

Jennifer Hosten win the Contest

Old Jennifer Hosten Photo

Miss World Jennifer Hosten and Bob Hope

Miss World 1970 Top 7

Jennifer Hosten and Bob Hope Photo

Jennifer Hosten and her Husband photo

Miss World 1970 Group

1970 Miss World Jennifer Josephine Hosten From Grenada

1970 Contestants List

Africa South - Pearl Gladys Jansen

Argentina - Patricia Maria Charré Salazar

Australia - Valli Kemp

Austria - Rosemarie Resch

Bahamas - June Justina Brown

Belgium - Francine Martin

Brazil - Sonia Yara Guerra

Canada - Norma Joyce Hickey

Ceylon - Yolanda Shahzali Ahlip

Colombia - Carmelina Bayona Vera

Cyprus - Louiza Anastadiades

Denmark - Winnie Hollman

Dominican Republic - Fatima Shecker

Ecuador - Sofia Virginia Monteverde Nimbriotis

Finland - Hannele Hamara

France - Micheline Beaurain

Gambia - Margaret Davies

Germany - Dagmar Eva Ruthenberg

Gibraltar - Carmen Gomez

Greece - Julie Vardi

Grenada - Jennifer Josephine Hosten

Guyana - Jennifer Diana Evan Wong

Holland - Patricia Hollman

Hong Kong - Ann Lay

Iceland - Anna Hansdottir

India - Heather Corinne Faville

Ireland - Mary Elizabeth McKinley

Israel - Irith Lavi

Italy - Marika de Poi

Jamaica - Elizabeth Ann Lindo

Japan - Hisayo Nakamura

Korea - Lee Jung-Hee

Lebanon - Georgina Rizk

Liberia - Mainusa Wiles

Luxembourg - Rita Massard

Malaysia - Mary Ann Wong

Malta - Tessa Marthese Galea

Mauritius - Florence Muller

Mexico - Libia Zulema Lopez Montemayor

New Zealand - Glenys Elizabeth Treweek

Nicaragua - Evangelina Lacayo

Nigeria - Stella Owivri

Norway - Aud Fosse

Philippines - Minerva Manalo Cagatao

Portugal - Ana Maria Diozo Lucas

Puerto Rico - Alma Doris Perez

Seychelles - Nicole Barallon

South Africa - Jillian Elizabeth Jessup

Spain - Josefina Román Gutiérrez

Sweden - Marjorie Christel Johansson

Switzerland - Sylvia Christina Weisser

Thailand - Tuanjai Amnakamart

Tunisia - Kaltoum Khouildi

Turkey - Afet Tugbay

United Kingdom - Yvonne Anne Ormes

United States - Sandra Anne Wolsfeld

Venezuela - Tomasa Nina (Tomasita) de las Casas

Yugoslavia - Teresa Djelmis

1969 Miss World Eva Reuber Staier

Eva Rueber-Staier who is an “Austrian actress”, was the winner of crown for Miss World 1969. He name sometimes spelled like “Eva Reuber-Staier”.

Eva Rueber-Staier was born in Bruck a der Mur, Austria in 1951. After winning the crown of Miss Austria and became competitor in the Miss Universe held in 1969. She was a lucky on in top 15 semifinalist in the contest of Miss Universe. In the same year she decided to go on to win and become the title holder of Miss World pageant. Throughout her tenure, Rueber-Staier formed as a star in the Bob Hope USO visit in Vietnam.

During the period of her domination, she took a chance to make career in acting and it became possible through the credit of James Bond. In the movies, “For Your Eyes Only”, “The Spy Who Loved Me” and “Octopussy”, she performed General Gogol's assistant Rubelvitch.

With her present husband by name Brian Cowan-publisher and dear son Alexander, Rueber-Staier has spent her life in an Elizabethan Grade-II planned home in Pinner for 23 years.

An Austrian Skiing advertising made by Ridley Scott, a nice role of “The Cadburys Flake girl” was played by Rueber-Staier in the 1980s.
She has been doing a good job by producing metalwork sculptures. In the time Duration of Hertfordshire Visual Arts Forum's "open studios 2008", some sculptures were included in that exhibition.

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Win the Contest of Miss World 1969 Eva Reuber Staier

Win the Contest of Miss World 1969

Beauty Full Picture of Eva Reuber Staier

Winner of Miss World 1969

Eva Reuber Staier Photo

Eva Reuber Staier Miss World

Eva Reuber Staier Wallpaper

Miss World 1969 Top 5

Miss World 1969 Eva Reuber Staier

Miss World 1969 Group Photo

1969 Miss World Eva Reuber Staier From Austria

1969 Contestants List

Argentina - Graciela Marino

Australia - Stefane Meurer

Austria - Eva Rueber-Staier

Bahamas - Wanda Pearce

Belgium - Maud Alin

Brazil - Ana Cristina Rodrigues

Canada - Jacquie Perrin

Chile - Ana Maria Nazar

Colombia - Lina Maria Garcia Ogliastri

Costa Rica - Damaris Ureña

Cyprus - Flora Diaouri

Czechoslovakia - Marcela Bitnarova

Denmark - Jeanne Perfeldt

Dominican Republic - Sandra Simone Cabrera Cabral

Ecuador - Ximena Aulestia Díaz

Finland - Päivi Ilona Raita

France - Suzanne Angly

Gambia - Marie Carayol

Germany - Christa Margraf

Gibraltar - Marilou Chiappe

Greece - Heleni Alexopoulou

Guyana - Pamela Patricia Lord

Holland - Nente van der Vliet

Iceland - Ragnheidur Pétursdóttir

India - Adina Shellim

Republic of Ireland Ireland - Hillary Clarke

Israel - Tehila Selah

Jamaica - Marlyn Elizabeth Taylor

Japan - Emiko Karashima

Korea - Kim Seung-hee

Lebanon - Rola Mayzob

Liberia - Antionette Coleman

Luxembourg - Jacqueline Schaeffer

Malta - Mary Brincat

Mexico - Gloria Leticia Hernández Martín del Campo

New Zealand - Carole Robinson

Nicaragua - Carlota Marina Brenes López

Nigeria - Morenkike Farabidio

Norway - Kjersti Jortun

Paraguay - Blanca Zaldivar

Philippines - Feliza (Liza) Teresa Nuesa Miro

Seychelles - Sylvia Labonte

South Africa - Linda Meryl Collett

Sweden - Ingrid Marie Ahlin

Switzerland - Astrid Vollenweider

Tunisia - Zohra Tabania

Turkey - Sermin Aysin

United Kingdom - Sheena Drummond

United States - Gail Renshaw

Venezuela - Marzia Rita Gisela Piazza Suprani

Yugoslavia - Radmila Zivkovic

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1968 Miss World Penelope Plummer

Penelope Plummer was the titleholder of the Miss World 1968, representing Australia and won the crown of Miss World pageant contest which held in London, United Kingdom.

When she became the first contestant who won the title holder of Miss World 1968 from her country-Australia, she was only 18 year old librarian from Kempsey, New South Wales.

Penelope Plummer was very beautiful and blond; she had the sort of outdoor, radiant looks and simple manner that Australians are well-known for.

Penelope Plummer or Miss World 1968 was seemed in “The Bob Hope Christmas Show” in Osan, Korea, along with “Ann Margaret”. In 1970, “A deep pink, mildly-fragranced rose” was named after her, produced by UK breeder who was drawn with her looks and charm.

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Miss World 1968 Penelope Plumme

1968 Penelope Plummer - Australia

Win the Contest of Miss World 1968

Miss World Penelope Plummer in 1968

Beauty Full Photo of Miss World 1968

Penelope Plummer Miss World

Winner of Miss World Title

Miss World 1968 Top 7

1968 Miss World

Miss World 1968 Group

1968 Miss World Penelope Plummer From Australia

1968 Contestants List

Argentina - Viviana Roldan

Australia - Penelope Plummer

Austria - Brigitte Krüger

Bahamas - Rose Helena Dauchot

Belgium - Sonja Doumen

Brazil - Angela Carmelia Stecca

Canada - Nancy Wilson

Ceylon - Nilanthie Wijesinghe

Chile - Carmen Smith

Colombia - Beatriz Sierra Gonzalez

Costa Rica - Patricia Diers

Cyprus - Diana Dimitropoulou

Denmark - Yet Schaufuss

Dominican Republic - Ingrid García

Ecuador - Marcia Virginia Ramos Christiansen

Finland - Leena Sipilä

France - Nelly Gallerne

Germany - Margot Schmalzriedt

Ghana - Lovell Rosebud Wordie

Gibraltar - Sandra Sanguinetti

Greece- Lia Malta

Guyana - Adrienne Harris

Holland - Alida Grootenboer

India - Jane Coelho

Ireland - June MacMahon

Israel - Miri Zamir

Italy - Maria Pia Gianporcaro

Jamaica - Karlene Waddell

Japan - Ryoko Miyoshi

Kenya - Josephine Moikobu

Korea - Lee Ji-eun

Liberia - Wilhelmina Nadieh Brownell

Luxembourg - Irene Siedler

Malta - Ursulina (Lina) Grech

Mexico - Ana Maria Magaña

Morocco - Zakia Chamouch

New Zealand - Christine Mary Antunovic

Nicaragua - Margine Davidson Morales

Nigeria - Foluke Ogundipe

Norway - Hedda Lie

Peru - Ana Rosa Berninzon Devéscovi

Philippines - Arene Cecilia Amabuyok

South Africa - Mitsianna Stander†

Sweden - Gunilla Friden

Switzerland - Jeanette Biffiger

Thailand - Pinnarut Tananchai

Tunisia - Zohra Boufaden

Turkey - Mine Kurkcuoglu

Uganda - Joy Lehai

United Kingdom - Kathleen Winstanley

United States - Johnine Leigh Avery

Venezuela - Cherry Nuñez Rodriguez

Yugoslavia - Ivona Puhlera

1967 Miss World Madeline Hartog Bel

Madeline Hartog Bel won crown of Miss World 1967 contest, representing Peru. She was born in Camaná, Arequipa. After becoming a semi-finalist of the Miss Universe pageant in 1966, she went on to win the crown of Miss World in London, UK later on the same year.

Madeline moved around to Vietnam and also traveled world wide showing her class and beauty, became famous as “a chic girl” because of her not only fashion style and also her own style hairdo, which made a influence in that age (it was used long hair).

Madeline e didn’t imagine for winning the title of Miss World and almost vanished when she received the crown. Miss Peru organization took decision enroll her in Miss World pageant due to her stunning beauty and for the happiness of Peruvian people she won title of Miss World 1967.

Madeline she is married and resides in Pearl Harbour Island in Miami. She is now semi-retired of public life. Still her beauty and class is as before and she keeps care for that. Madeline Hartog Bel is one of the most prides in Peru.

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Beauty Full Picture of Madeleine Hartog Bel

Winner of Miss World Madeleine Hartog Bel

Miss World Madeleine Hartog Bel

Madeleine Hartog Bel Miss World

Madeleine Hartog Bel Photo

Win The Contest of Miss World

1967 Miss World

Madeleine Hartog Bel Wallpaper

Miss World 1967 Top 7

Miss World Madeleine Hartog Bel in 1967

Miss World 1967 Madeleine Hartog Bel

Miss World 1967 Group Photo

1967 Miss World Madeline Hartog Bel From Peru

1967 Contestants List

Argentina - Maria del Carmen Sabaliauskas

Australia - Judy Lockey

Austria - Christl Bartu

Belgium - Mauricette Sironval

Brazil - Wilza de Oliveira Rainato

Canada - Donna Marie Barker

Ceylon - Therese Fernando

Chile - Margarita Tellez

Costa Rica - Marjorie Furniss

Cyprus - Laila Michaelides

Czechoslovakia - Alzbeta Strkulova

Denmark - Sonja Jensen

Dominican Republic - Margarita Rosa Rueckschnat Schott

Ecuador - Laura (Laurita) Elena Baquero Palacios

Finland - Hedy Rannari

France - Carole Noe

Germany - Ruth Köcher

Ghana - Araba Martha Vroon

Gibraltar - Laura Bassadone

Greece- Mimika Niavi

Guyana - Shakira Baksh

Holland - Monica van Beelen

Honduras - Alba Maria Bobadilla

Iceland - Hrefna Wigelund Steinthorsdóttir

Ireland - Gemma McNabb

Israel - Dalia Regev

Italy - Tamara Baroni

Jamaica - Laurel Williams

Japan - Chikako Sotoyama

Kenya - Zipporah Mbugua

Korea - Chung Young-hwa

Lebanon - Sonia Faris

Luxembourg - Marie-Joseé Mathgen

Malta - Mary Mifsud

Mexico - Maria Cristina Ortal

Morocco - Naima Benjelloun

New Zealand - Pamela McLeod

Nigeria - Roseline Balogun

Norway - Vigdis Sollie

Panama - Carlota Lozano

Peru - Madeleine Hartog Bel Houghton

Philippines - Margarita (Maita) Favis Gomez

Portugal - Teresa Amaro

South Africa - Disa Duivenstein

Sweden - Eva Englander

Switzerland - Edith Fraefel

Tanzania - Theresa Shayo

Tunisia - Rekeja Dekhil

Turkey - Nese Yazicigil

Uganda - Rosemary Salmon

United Kingdom - Jennifer Lynn Lewis

United States - Pamela Valari Pall

Venezuela - Irene Böttger Herrera

Yugoslavia - Aleksandra Mandic

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1965 Miss World Lesley Langley

Lesley Langley from Weymouth, England, got both title, Miss United Kingdom and Miss World 1965. She was the third woman who became the titleholder of Miss World in only 5 years from United Kingdom.

In 1950, Lesley Langley joined the Royal Merchant Navy School, near Wokingham, Berkshire but now known as Bearwood College.

During her domination, she met Jazz organist (or musician) Alan Haven and married with him and they blessed with one daughter named Chloe. She went with her husband to Latin percussion and traveled with him. But after some time, they divorced and then Lesley returned to Weymouth with her daughter and then worked as a Dental practice assistant.

Lesley Langley also played a small role in the film “Goldfinger”.
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1965 Miss World Lesley Langley

Winner of Lesley Langley Miss World Title

Miss World 1965

Lesley Langley Picture

Lesley Langley Wallpaper

Lesley Langley Miss World in 1965

Win the Contest of Miss World

Beauty full Photo of Lesley Langley

Miss World 1965 Lesley Langley

Miss World Lesley Langley, 1965
Lesley Langley Photo

1965 Miss World Lesley Langley From United Kingdom

1965 Contestants List

Argentina - Lidia Alcira Diaz

Australia - Jan Rennison

Austria - Ingrid Kopetzky

Belgium - Lucy Emilie Nossent

Bolivia - Gabriela Cornel Kempff

Brazil - Berenice Lunardi

Canada - Carol Ann Tidey

Ceylon - Shirlene Minerva de Silva

Colombia - Nubia Angelina Bustillo Gallo

Costa Rica - Marta Eugenia Escalante Fernández

Cyprus - Krystalia Psara

Denmark - Yvonne Hanne Ekman

Ecuador - Corine Mirguett Corral

Finland - Raija Marja-Liisa Salminen

France - Christiane Sibellin

Gambia - Ndey Jagne

Germany - Karin Schütze

Gibraltar - Rosemarie Vinales

Greece- Maria Geka

Holland - Janny de Knegt

Honduras - Edda Ines Mungula

Iceland - Sigrun Vignisdóttir

Ireland - Gladys Anne Waller

Israel - Shlomit Gat

Italy - Guya Libraro

Jamaica - Carol Joan McFarlane

Japan - Yuko Oguchi

Jordan - Nyla Munir Haddad

Korea - Lee Eun-ah

Lebanon - Yolla George Harb

Liberia - Melvilla Mardea Harris

Luxembourg - Marie-Anne Geisen

Malaysia - Clara Eunice de Run

Malta - Wilhelmina Mallia

Morocco - Lucette Garcia

New Zealand - Gay Lorraine Phelps

Peru - Lourdes Cárdenas Gilardi

Rhodesia - Lesley Bunting

South Africa - Carrol Adele Davis

Suriname - Anita van Eyck

Sweden - Britt Marie Lindblad

Syria - Raymonde Doucco

Tahiti - Marie Tapare

Tunisia - Zeineb Ben Lamine

United Kingdom - Lesley Langley

United States - Dianna Lynn Batts

Uruguay - Raquel Luz Delgado

Venezuela -Nancy Elizabeth González Aceituno

Venezuela - Mercedes Hernández Nieves


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