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1969 Miss World Eva Reuber Staier

Eva Rueber-Staier who is an “Austrian actress”, was the winner of crown for Miss World 1969. He name sometimes spelled like “Eva Reuber-Staier”.

Eva Rueber-Staier was born in Bruck a der Mur, Austria in 1951. After winning the crown of Miss Austria and became competitor in the Miss Universe held in 1969. She was a lucky on in top 15 semifinalist in the contest of Miss Universe. In the same year she decided to go on to win and become the title holder of Miss World pageant. Throughout her tenure, Rueber-Staier formed as a star in the Bob Hope USO visit in Vietnam.

During the period of her domination, she took a chance to make career in acting and it became possible through the credit of James Bond. In the movies, “For Your Eyes Only”, “The Spy Who Loved Me” and “Octopussy”, she performed General Gogol's assistant Rubelvitch.

With her present husband by name Brian Cowan-publisher and dear son Alexander, Rueber-Staier has spent her life in an Elizabethan Grade-II planned home in Pinner for 23 years.

An Austrian Skiing advertising made by Ridley Scott, a nice role of “The Cadburys Flake girl” was played by Rueber-Staier in the 1980s.
She has been doing a good job by producing metalwork sculptures. In the time Duration of Hertfordshire Visual Arts Forum's "open studios 2008", some sculptures were included in that exhibition.

Watch Eva Rueber Staier in the latest photoshoot, Enjoy downloading picture posters and wallpapers of Eva Rueber Staier here.

Win the Contest of Miss World 1969 Eva Reuber Staier

Win the Contest of Miss World 1969

Beauty Full Picture of Eva Reuber Staier

Winner of Miss World 1969

Eva Reuber Staier Photo

Eva Reuber Staier Miss World

Eva Reuber Staier Wallpaper

Miss World 1969 Top 5

Miss World 1969 Eva Reuber Staier

Miss World 1969 Group Photo

1969 Miss World Eva Reuber Staier From Austria

1969 Contestants List

Argentina - Graciela Marino

Australia - Stefane Meurer

Austria - Eva Rueber-Staier

Bahamas - Wanda Pearce

Belgium - Maud Alin

Brazil - Ana Cristina Rodrigues

Canada - Jacquie Perrin

Chile - Ana Maria Nazar

Colombia - Lina Maria Garcia Ogliastri

Costa Rica - Damaris Ureña

Cyprus - Flora Diaouri

Czechoslovakia - Marcela Bitnarova

Denmark - Jeanne Perfeldt

Dominican Republic - Sandra Simone Cabrera Cabral

Ecuador - Ximena Aulestia Díaz

Finland - Päivi Ilona Raita

France - Suzanne Angly

Gambia - Marie Carayol

Germany - Christa Margraf

Gibraltar - Marilou Chiappe

Greece - Heleni Alexopoulou

Guyana - Pamela Patricia Lord

Holland - Nente van der Vliet

Iceland - Ragnheidur Pétursdóttir

India - Adina Shellim

Republic of Ireland Ireland - Hillary Clarke

Israel - Tehila Selah

Jamaica - Marlyn Elizabeth Taylor

Japan - Emiko Karashima

Korea - Kim Seung-hee

Lebanon - Rola Mayzob

Liberia - Antionette Coleman

Luxembourg - Jacqueline Schaeffer

Malta - Mary Brincat

Mexico - Gloria Leticia Hernández Martín del Campo

New Zealand - Carole Robinson

Nicaragua - Carlota Marina Brenes López

Nigeria - Morenkike Farabidio

Norway - Kjersti Jortun

Paraguay - Blanca Zaldivar

Philippines - Feliza (Liza) Teresa Nuesa Miro

Seychelles - Sylvia Labonte

South Africa - Linda Meryl Collett

Sweden - Ingrid Marie Ahlin

Switzerland - Astrid Vollenweider

Tunisia - Zohra Tabania

Turkey - Sermin Aysin

United Kingdom - Sheena Drummond

United States - Gail Renshaw

Venezuela - Marzia Rita Gisela Piazza Suprani

Yugoslavia - Radmila Zivkovic


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