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1961 Miss World Rosemarie Frankland

Rosemarie Frankland was born on 1st February, 1943, in Rhosllannerchrugog, Wrexham, in north-east and then as a child, moved to Lancashire, England.

Rosemarie Frankland competed in various beauty pageants. After the period, her fortune supported and she became titleholder of 1961. She was the most Welsh beauty pageant contestant who won the title of Miss Wales and also became the title holder of 1961 Miss World and Miss United Kingdom (& first British women) in the same year. She also won the title of the seventh European. She was the first runner-up at Miss Universe 1961.

It was unforgettable moment when a famous comedian-Bob Hope placed the crown on her head praising her beauty and remarked that he had never seen the most stunning and beautiful girl like Rosemarie Frankland. She was seemed with him in Alaska to entertain the groups after a month.

After Miss World, she also tried in acting career and take entry in that field but very short lived. She performed a last role with starring Bob Hope in the film named “I’ll Take Sweden” in the year of 1965.

In 1976, Rosemarie Frankland married with The Grass Roots singer or guitarist named Warren Entner and went to live in Los Angeles. After her marriage she gave birth to a beautiful girl named Jessica but in very short time they divorced in the year of 1981.

Rosemarie Frankland died in December 2000 in Marina del Rey, near Los Angeles only at the age of 57. It is still unsupervised and not having the ensured answer whether her death was an accidental prescription or a suicide or drug overdose.

But according to the report, she died due to drug overdose. During her life cycle, she suffered only depression and panic disorder. Her ashes were flown back to Wales and were buried at Rhosllannerchrugog Cemetery in February 2001.

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Miss World 1961 Rosemarie Frankland

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Beauty full Rosemarie Frankland

Miss World 1961

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Miss World 1961 Top 15

Miss World Rosemarie Frankland

Miss World 1961 from United Kingdom

Miss World 19961 Group

1961 Miss World Rosemarie Frankland From United Kingdom

1961 Contestants List

Argentina - Susana Julia Pardal

Austria - Hella Wolfsgrubej

Belgium - Jacqueline Oroi

Bolivia - Nancy Cortez Justiniano

Brazil - Alda Maria Coutinho de Moraes

Ceylon - Sushila Perera

China, Republic of - Grace Li Shiu-Ying

Cyprus - Andreava (Rita) Polydorou

Denmark - Inge Jörgensen

Ecuador - Magdalena Davila Varela

Finland - Ritva Tuulikki Wächter

France - Michèle Wargnier

Germany - Romy März

Greece - Efstathia (Efi) Karaiskaki

Holland - Ria van Zuiden

Iceland - Johanna Kolbrun Kristjansdóttir

India - Veronica Leonora Torcato

Ireland - Olive Ursula White

Israel - Er'ela Hod

Italy - Franca Cattaneo

Japan - Chie Nurakami

Korea - Hyun Chang-ae

Lebanon - Leila Antaki

Luxembourg - Vicky Schoos

Madagascar - Jeanne Rakatomahanina

New Zealand - Leone Mary Main

Nicaragua - Thelma Arana

Rhodesia & Nyasaland - Angela Joyce Moorcroft

South Africa - Yvonne Brenda Hulley

Spain - Maria del Carmen Cervera Fernández

Suriname - Kitty Essed

Sweden - Ingrid Margaretha Lundquist

Turkey - Güler Samuray

United Kingdom - Rosemarie Frankland

United States - Jo Ann Odum

Uruguay - Roma Spadachinni Aguerre

Venezuela - Bexy Romero Tosta

Korea - Lee Young-hee

Lebanon - Giséle Nicolas Naser

Luxembourg - Liliane Mueller

Madagascar - Rajaobelina Bedovoahangy

Nicaragua - Carmen Isabel Recalde

Norway - Grethe Solhoy

South Africa - Denise Muir†

Southern Rhodesia - Jenny Lee Scott

Spain - Concepción Molinera Palacios

Sweden - Barbro Gunilla Olsson

Tahiti - Teura Bouwens

Tanganyika - Carmen Lesley Woodcock

Turkey - Nebahat Cehre

United Kingdom - Hilda Fairclough

United States - Judith Ann Achter

Uruguay - Beatriz Benitez


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