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1964 Miss World Ann Sidney

Ann Sidney from Poole, England, was the winner of the crown of Miss World 1964 pageant contest, representing the United Kingdom. Miss World 1964 pageant was held at Lyceum Theater in London, England Ann Sidney was the second woman who won the title from her Country after Rosemarie Frankland who was the titleholder of Miss World in 1961.

Later she tried in Hollywood and became a famous movie star and also created a TV personality including the BBC’s. She performed her role in many movies such as Kojak, The Avengers and Seven Deadly Sins etc. She had also a small role in the Bond movie You Only Live Twice, as well as forming a touring cabaret act.

Ann Sidney was really active in Theatre and was starring personality in the theatre production of “Divorce me Darling” a play that won the “Barclays” award for best musical.

Ann Sidney also featured in the well-known Australian-based comedy series “Birds In The Bush” in the year of 1972 and later co-hosted an Australian version of the game show, “The Better Sex” in 1978. During the period of title holder of Miss World, she traveled many of the countries.

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Win the Contest of Miss World in 1964

1964 Miss World Ann Sidney

Miss World Ann Sidney in 1964

Winner of Miss World in 1964 Photo

Beauty full Ann Sidney Photo

Miss World 1964 Ann Sidney

1964 Miss World

Miss World 1964 Top 7 Photo

Ann Sidney Miss World in 1964

Miss World 1964 Group Photo

1964 Miss World Ann Sidney From United Kingdom

1964 Contestants List

Argentina - Ana Maria Soria

Aruba - Regina Croes

Austria - Victoria Lazek

Belgium - Danièle Defrère

Brazil - Maria Isabel de Avellar Elias

Canada - Mary Lou Farrell

Ceylon - Marina Dellerene Swan

China, Republic of - Linda Lin Su-Hsing

Colombia - Paulina Vargas Gilede

Denmark - Yvonne Mortensen

Ecuador - Maria de Lourdes Anda Vallejo

Finland - Maila Maria Östring

France - Jacqueline Gayraud

Germany - Juliane Herm

Gibraltar - Lydia Davis

Greece - Mary Kouyoumitzou

Holland - Renske van der Berg

Honduras - Araceli Cano

Iceland - Rósa Einarsdóttir

Ireland - Mairen Cullen

Italy - Mirka Sartori

Jmaica - Erica Joanne Cooke

Japan - Yoshiko Nakatani

Korea - Yoon Mi-hee

Lebanon - Nana Barakaf

Liberia - Norma Dorothy Davis

Luxembourg - Gabrielle Heyrard

Montserrat - Helen Joseph

Morocco - Leila Gourmala

New Zealand - Lyndal Ursula Cruikshank

Nicaragua - Sandra Correa

Portugal - Rolanda Campos

South Africa - Vedra Karamitas†

Spain - Maria José Ulla Madronero

Suriname - Norma Dorothy Tin Chen Fung

Sweden - Agneta Malmgren

Tunisia - Dolly Allouche

Turkey - Nurlan Coskun

United Kingdom - Ann Sidney

United States - Jeanne Marie Quinn

Uruguay - Alicia Elena Gomez

Venezuela - Mercedes Hernández Nieves


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