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1976 Miss World Cindy Breakspeare

Cindy Breakspeare, her famed name but her actual name is Cynthia Jean Cameron Breakspeare who became the winner of Miss World 1976 and got the crown, representing Jamaica. It was the 26th Miss World Beauty pageant contest that was organized on 18th November, 1976, at the Royal Albert Hall, London, UK.

Breakspeare was born n 24th October, 1954 in Toronto, Canada. She was a daughter of to a Louis Breakspeare and Marguerite Cochrane but her father was Jamaican and mother was Canadian. She is not only a Jamaican jazz musician but also early model; moreover she is Grammy-winning reggae musician Damian Marley’s mother.

Cindy Breakspeare is only one sister of 2 brothers by name John Spence and Steven Breakspeare. She was only 4 years old when she moved to Jamaica. She started her career at very teenage by participating in beauty pageants. She participated in Miss Universe Bikini and Miss Jamaica Body Beautiful. Later she was invited to take part in competition of Miss World 1976. As her determination was so strong, she went to London and became the titleholder and she was second woman who won the title of Miss World from her Country Jamaica.

She became a mother of a cute boy named Damian Marley in 1978. Bob Marley who was Damian Marley’s father wrote the song "Turn Your Lights Down Low" about his relationship with Cindy Breakspeare.

Later in 1981, Cindy Breakspeare married with senator and attorney-at-law Tom Tavares-Finson. They blessed with a son Christian in 1982 and a daughter Leah in 1986. But in 1995 they both took divorced and separated from each other. Her son Christian attends law school in the UK and her daughter Leah attends university in Canada.

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Miss World Cindy Breakspeare

Beauty full Photo of the Cindy Breakspeare

Win the Contest of Miss World 1976

Cindy Breakspeare Wallpaper

Winner of Cindy Breakspeare Miss World 1976

Miss World 1976

Image of Miss Worid Cindy Breakspeare

Miss World 1976 Cindy Breakspeare

Cindy Breakspeare Picture

Miss World 1976 Group Photo

1976 Miss World Cindy Breakspeare From Jamaica

1976 Contestants List

Africa South - Veronica Rozette Kuki Mutsepe

Argentina - Adriana Laura Salguiero

Aruba - Maureen Wever

Australia - Karen Jo Pini

Austria - Monika Mühlbauer

Bahamas - Mazorian (Zoie) Larona Miller

Belgium - Yvette Aelbrecht

Bermuda - Vivienne Ann Hollis

Brazil - Adelaida Fraga de Oliveira Filha

Canada - Pamela Mercer

Chile - Maria Cristina Granzow

Colombia - Maria Loretta Celedon Holguin

Costa Rica - Ligia Maria Ramos Quesads

Curaçao - Viveca Francisca Marchena

Cyprus - Andri Tsangaridou

Denmark - Susanne Juul Hansen

Dominican Republic - Jenny Corporan Viñas

Ecuador - Marie Clare Fontaine Velasco

El Salvador - Soraya Camondari Zanotti

Finland - Merja Helena Tammi

France - Monique Uldaric

Germany - Monika Schneeweiss

Gibraltar - Rosemarie Parody

Greece - Rania Theofilou

Guam - Diana Marie Roberts Duenas

Guatemala - Marta Elisa Tirado Richardson

Holland - Stephanie Flatow

Honduras - Maribel Ileana Ayala Ramirez

Hong Kong - Christine Leung Ching-Man

Iceland - Sigridur Helga Olgeirsdóttir

Ireland - Jakki Moore

Israel - Levana Abarbanel

Italy - Antonella Lombrosi

Jamaica - Cynthia Jane (Cindy) Breakspeare

Japan - Noriko Asakuno

Jersey - Susan Hughes

Korea - Shin Byoung-sook

Lebanon - Souad Nakhoul

Luxembourg - Monique Wilmes

Malta - Jane Benedicta Saliba

Mexico - Carla Jean Evert Seguera

New Zealand New Zealand - Anne Clifford

Norway - Nina Kristine Ronneberg

Paraguay - Maria Cristina Fernández Samaniego

Peru - Rocio Rita Lazcáno Mujica

Puerto Rico - Ivette Rosado

Singapore - Pauline Poh Neo Cheong

South Africa - Lynn Massyn

Spain - Luz Maria Polegre Hernández

Sweden - Ann Christin Gernandt

Switzerland - Ruth Crottet

Tahiti - Patricia Mareva Servonnat

Thailand - Duangcheewan Komolsen

Trinidad and Tobago - Patricia Anderson Leon

Turkey - Jale Bayhan

United Kingdom - Carol Jean Grant

United States - Kimberly Marre Foley

Uruguay - Sara Alaga Valega

Venezuela Venezuela - Maria Genoveva Rivero Gimenez

Virgin Islands - Denise La Franque


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