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1978 Miss World Silvana Suarez

Silvana Rosa Suarez became a winner of Miss World 1978, the 28th Miss World Pageant contest which was held on 16th November, 1978 at the Royal Albert Hall, London, United Kingdom. Silvana was representing Argentina and was the second woman who became the title holder of Miss World from her country.

Silvana Suarez was born on 29th September, 1958, Cordoba, Argentina. Cordoba is the birthplace of Silvana who lived here in Argentinean city for 20 years. To attend University, Cordoba is considered as one of the finest places in South America.

Silvana got the highest grade at her Yoga school, as she practiced Yoga from the age of only eleven. Silvana learned at the Domingo Zipoli institute, a school that is specialized in music for 13 years. At the age of 17, she completed her graduation as a Music Teacher and also Director. Then further she studied about Architecture at the National University of Córdoba for 3 years.

Silvana Suarez’s parents were good plastic artists (as muralists and sculptors), also gold medal winners. They also provide the teaching at the Cordoba University. Silvana’s mother specialized in murals and father was the winner of several national contests and more over uncovered his effort in Europe.

She married with a businessman and a journalist with whom she had worked as a journalist. She had two children. For 10 years, she had performed her responsibility as Vice President of Ambito Financiero and also as photographer for the newspaper. A section for women and fashion was created by Silvana.

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1978 Miss World Silvana Suarez

Win the Contest of Miss World 1978

Beauty Full Photo of Silvana Suarez

Silvana Rosa Suarez Photo

Silvana Suarez Miss World 1978

Miss World 1978 Silvana Suarez Marriage Photo

Miss World Silvana Suarez Picture

Silvana Suarez Wallpaper

Winner of Miss World Silvana Suarez

Won The Miss World Title 1978

1978 Miss World Image

Miss World 1978 Group Photo

1978 Miss World Silvana Suarez From Argentina

1978 Contestants List

Argentina - Silvana Rosa Suárez Clarence

Aruba - Rose Anne Marie Lejuez

Australia - Denise Ellen Coward

Austria - Doris Elizabeth Anwander

Bahamas - Donna Marie McCook

Belgium - Françoise Helene Julia Moens

Bermuda - Madeline Francine Joell

Brazil - Laura Angelica Viana de Oliveira Pereira

Canada - Brigitte June Hoffmann

Cayman Islands - Wendy Lorraine Daykin

Chile - Maria Trinidad Sepulveda Pavon

Colombia - Denise de Castro Santiago

Costa Rica - Maribel Fernandez Garcia

Curaçao - Silvana Angely Trinidad

Cyprus - Mary Adamou

Denmark - Birgit Stefansen

Dominica - Mona-Jo Lewis

Dominican Republic - Jenny Polanco

Ecuador - Antonieta Cecilia Campodonico Aguirre

El Salvador - Iris Ivette Mazorra Castro

Finland - Eija Hillevi Laaksonen

France - Kelly Hoarau

Germany - Monika Greis

Gibraltar - Rosanna Bonfante

Greece - Ariana Dimitropoulou

Guam - Elizabeth Clara Tenorio

Holland - Ans van Haaster

Honduras - Maria Elena Bodadilla

Hong Kong - Faustina (Fiona) Lin Wai-Ling

Iceland - Asdis Loftsdóttir

India - Kalpana Iyer

Ireland - Lorraine Marion O'Conner

Isle of Man - Carol Ann Kneale

Israel - Sari Alon

Italy - Loren Cristina Mai

Jamaica - Joan Marcia McDonald

Japan - Yuko Yamaguchi

Jersey - Chantal Angeline Gosselin

Korea - Je Eun-jin

Malaysia - Kartina Osir

Malta - Mary Cumbo

Mauritius - Genevieve Chanea

Mexico - Martha Eugenia Ortiz Gomez

New Zealand New Zealand - Lorian Dawn Tangney

Nigeria - Irene Omagbemi

Norway - Elisabet Klaeboe

Paraguay - Susana del Pilar Galli

Peru - Karen Ines Noeth Haupt

Philippines - Louvette Monzon Hammond

Puerto Rico - Maria Jesus Cañizares

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - June de Nobriga

Samoa - Rosalina Sapolu

Singapore - Rosie Tan

Spain - Gloria Maria Valenciano Rijo

Sri Lanka - Manohori Vanigasooriya

Swaziland - Nyamalele Nilovu

Sweden - Ossie Margareta Carlsson

Switzerland - Jeanette Keller

Tahiti - Moeata Schmouker

Thailand - Orasa Panichapan

Trinidad and Tobago - Kathleen Thomas

Tunisia - Malek Nemlaghi

Turkey - Sevil Ozgultekin

United Kingdom - Elizabeth Ann Jones

United States - Debra Jean Freeze

Uruguay - Mabel Rua

Venezuela Venezuela - Katy Patricia Toffoli Andrade

Virgin Islands - Enid d'Lores Francis


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