Tuesday, July 6, 2010

1957 Miss World Marita Lindahl

Miss World Marita Lindahl was born in 17 October 1938 in Finland. Marita Lindahl is won the 14 October 1957 Miss World Title. She became the first woman from her country to win the title. The pageant was held in Lyceum Theatre, London, United Kingdom. 23 contestants competed for the Miss World and the winner Miss World title is Marita Lindahl represented Finland.

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Marita Lindhal Miss World 1957 Photo

Win the Contest of Miss World Picture

Winner the Marita Lindhal Image

Winner of Miss World Photo

Miss World Marita Lindhal Picture

Marita Lindahl Photo

Miss World 1957 Wallpaper

Miss World 1957 Marita Lindhal Image

Marita Lindhal Picture Photo

Old Marita Lindhal Picture

Miss World 1957 Top 7 Wallpaper

Miss World Contestent

Miss World 1957 Group

1957 Miss World Marita Lindahl From Finland

1957 Contestants List

Australia - June Finlayson

Austria - Lilly Fischer

Belgium - Jeanine Chandelle

Canada - Judith Eleanor Welch

Denmark - Lilian Juul Madsen

Finland - Marita Lindahl

France - Claudette Ines Navarro

Germany - Annemarie Karsten

Great Britain - Leila Williams

Greece - Nana Gasparatou

Holland - Christina van Zijp

Iceland - Runa Brynjolfdóttir

Ireland - Nessa Welsh

Israel - Sara Elimor

Italy - Anna Gorassini

Japan - Muneko Yorifuji

Luxembourg - Josee Jaminet

Morocco - Danielle Muller

South Africa - Adele June Kruger

Sweden - Elenore Ulla Edin

Tunisia - Jacqueline Tapia

United States - Charlotte Sheffield

Venezuela - Consuelo Nouel Gomez


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