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1958 Miss World Penelope Anne Coelen

The Miss World of the year 1958, Penelope Anne Coelen who was born in 1939 in Durban, South Africa.

The Miss World Pageant, in 1958, was still in its early years. In 1958 it was the eighth pageant of the Miss World and was a grand success as it had attracted 22 participators from Asia, Africa, America and Europe.

From the host continent, Europeans women dominated and secured 9 out of 12 places in the semi-finals and 5 out of 6 finalists were also from Europe but it was unbelievable termination that a striking young woman means Penelope Coelen - got the coveted crown from the Republic of South Africa.
Penelope Coelen was famous and called as “Penny” by her fans and friends. She was the first most international titleholder to arrive from Africa and was nominated as Miss World.

She was 18 years old when she enraptured the viewers with her beauty and poise. She got some rich modeling offers and also widespread international attention during her domination.

Over a period of her domination as Miss World 1958, she got the help of James Garner and took a chance in Hollywood but failed her screen test. Then after she tried her luck to launch her own endorsed beauty products, clothing and also perfumes.

Shortly she came back to South Africa and married with Graeme Rey-a wealthy sugar cane farmer from the KwaZulu-Natal Province. Today she remains a outstanding socialite in South Africa, race-horse owner and also a famed pistol shot.

She also came into view as a participator on the television game show “To Tell the Truth” on 25th November, 1958.

It was that fact that being a Miss World competitor and titleholder would be unforgettable and she said like this in her words, "something I would not have liked to miss” but she swore that she would never go through the fear of rival once more, noting that it was "too nerve-wracking."

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1958 Penelope Coelen Miss World Photo

Beauty Full Penelope Coelen

Winner of Penelope Coelen Miss World Contest

Win the Contest of Miss World

Miss World Competition 1958 Penelope Coelen

Miss World Penelope Coelen in 1958

Miss World Penelope Coelen Photo

Close-up photo of Penelope Coelen

1958 Miss World Gurup Wallpaper

Claudine OgerAnd Penelope Anne Coelen

1958 Miss World Penelope Anne Coelen From South Africa

1958 Contestants List

Belgium - Michele Gouthals

Brazil - Sonia Maria Campos

Canada - Marilyn Anne Keddie

Denmark - Vinnie Ingemann

France - Claudine Oger

Germany - Dagmar Herner

Greece - Mary Panoutospoulou

Holland - Lucienne Struve

Iceland - Hjordis Sigurvinsdóttir

Ireland - Susan Riddell

Israel - Rachel Shafrir

Italy - Elisabetta Velinsky

Japan - Hisako Okuse

Morocco - Jocelyne Lambin

Norway - Åse Qjeldvik

South Africa - Penelope Anne Coelen

Sweden - Harriet Margareta Wågström

Tunisia - Denise Orlando

Turkey - Sunay Uslu

United Kingdom - Eileen Elizabeth Sheridan

United States - Nancy Ann Corcoran

Venezuela - Ida Margarita Pieri

South Africa - Adele June Kruger

Sweden - Elenore Ulla Edin

Tunisia - Jacqueline Tapia

United States - Charlotte Sheffield

Venezuela - Consuelo Nouel Gomez


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