Thursday, July 22, 2010

1963 Miss World Carole Joan Crawford

Carole Joan Crawford was the winner of Miss World 1963 contest, representing Jamaica. Miss World 1963 pageant contest was held on November 7, 1963 at the Lyceum Theatre in London, UK.

Carole Joan Crawford was the first delegate girl representing her country and she had made the history by winning the title of Miss World 1963 as she was only 5'3" beauty - short by Miss World standards.

Carole Crawford was only a 20-year-old model and secretary from Jamaica. She was looking so pretty as donned a specially-designed, high-necked swimsuit were increasing her beauty in the finals and was designed to make her look taller. She won the judges by her charm, beauty and intelligence.

Carole Crawford said that becoming Miss World took away her shyness." Jamaica has still a pride for Carole Joan Crawford as a goodwill ambassador. Carole Crawford became a countrywide recognized icon with her face imaged on a special issue of more than 3 million stamps. Even today Carole runs her successful business and has been living with her husband and two grown-up children.

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Carole Joan Crawford Miss World in 1963

Win the Contest of Miss World

Miss World Carole Joan Crawford

Miss World in 1963 Carole Joan Crawford

Winner of Miss World in 1963

Miss World 1963 Walking

Carole Joan Crawford in 1963 Miss World

Carole Joan Crawford Miss World

Miss World 1963 Top 7 Picture

1963 Miss World

Miss World 1963 Group Photo

1963 Miss World Carole Joan Crawford From Jamaica

1963 Contestants List

Argentina - Diana Sarti

Austria - Sonja Russ

Belgium - Irène Godin

Bolivia - Rosario Lopera

Brazil - Vera Lúcia Ferreira Maia

Canada - Jane Kmita

Ceylon - Jennifer Ann Fonseka

Chile - Maria del Pilar Aguirre

Colombia - Maria Eugenia Cucalón Venegas

Cyprus - Maro Zorna

Denmark - Aino Korwa

Finland - Marja-Liisa Ståhlberg

France - Muguette Fabris

Germany - Susie Gruner

Greece - Athanasia (Soula) Idromenou

Holland - Hanny Ijsbrandts

Iceland - Maria Ragnarsdóttir

Ireland - Joan Power

Israel - Sara Talmi

Jamaica - Carole Joan Crawford

Japan - Miyako Harada

Jordan - Despo Drakolakis

Korea - Choi Keum-shil

Liberia - Ethel Zoe Norman

Luxembourg - Catherine Paulus

Malaysia - Catherine Loh

Mexico - Beatriz Martínez Solórzano

New Zealand - Elaine Miscall

Nigeria - Gina Onyejiaka

Peru - Lucia Buonnani

Portugal - Maria Penedo

South Africa - Louise Crous

Spain - Encarnación Zalabardo

Suriname - Virginia Blanche Hardjo

Sweden - Grete Qviberg

Tunisia - Claudine Younes

Turkey - Gulseren Kocaman

United Kingdom - Diana Westbury

United States - Michele Metrinko

Venezuela - Milagros Galindez


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