Thursday, August 12, 2010

1971 Miss World Lucia Petterle

Lucia Tavares Petterle was the title holder of Miss World 1971 beauty pageant representing Guanabara state. She was selected from movie and world of entertainment by nine judges.

There were other 55 contestants in that pageant competition which was held at London’s Royal Albert Hall and was telecasted live to the majority of the world.

In the national pageant, as Lucia Petterle was so delegate, she placed first runner-up, in Miss World pageant contest organized in London, United Kingdom where strict security was offered to prevent the repetition of last year. She was the first winner from her country and also forth winner from South American woman who won the title.

After her reign, Lucia Petterle was intended to complete her medical studies so she went on, practice hard and fulfilled her aim by becoming a doctor.

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1971 Miss World Lucia Petterle

Win The Contest of Miss World 1971

Beauty Full Lucia Petterle Photo

Miss World Lucia Petterle 1971

Lucia Petterle From Brazil

Miss World 1971 Lucia Petterle

Winner of Miss World 1971 Lucia Petterle

Lucia Petterle Wallpaper

1971 Lucia Petterle Miss World

Lucia Petterle Walking Ramp

Lucia Petterle Picture

1971 Miss World Group

1971 Miss World Lucia Petterle From Brazil

1971 Contestants List

Africa South - Gaily Ryan

Argentina - Alicia Beatriz Daneri

Aruba - Maria Elizabeth Bruin

Australia - Valerie Roberts

Austria - Waltraud Lucas

Bahamas - Frances Clarkson

Belgium - Martine De Hert

Bermuda - Rene Furbert

Brazil - Lúcia Petterle

Canada - Lana Drouillard

Ceylon - Gail Abayasinghe

Cyprus - Kyriaki Koursoumba

Dominican Republic - Haydée Kuret

Ecuador - María Cecilia Gómez

Finland - Mirja Halme

France - Myriam Stocco

Germany - Irene Neumann

Gibraltar - Lisette Chipolina

Greece - Maria Maltezou

Guam - Deborah Bordallo Nelson

Guyana - Nalini Moonsar

Holland - Monica Strotmann

Iceland - Fanney Bjarnadóttir

India - Prema Narayan

Ireland - June Glover

Israel - Miri Ben-David

Italy - Maria Pinnone

Jamaica - Ava Joy Gill

Japan - Emiko Ikeda

Korea - Lee Young-eun

Luxembourg - Mariette Werckx

Malaysia - Daphne Munro

Malta - Doris Abdilla

Mauritius - Marie-Anne Ng Sik Kwong

Mexico - Lucía Arellano

New Zealand - Linda Ritchie

Nicaragua - Soraya Herrera

Norway - Kate Starvik

Panama - María de Lourdes Rivera

Paraguay - Rosa María Duarte

Philippines - Onelia Ison Jose

Portugal - Ana De Almeida

Puerto Rico - Raquel Quintana

Seychelles - Nadia Morel du Boil

South Africa - Monica Fairall

Spain - María García

Sweden - Simonetta Kohl

Switzerland - Patrice Sollner

Thailand - Boonyong Thongboon

Trinidad & Tobago - Maria Jordan

Tunisia - Souad Keneari

Turkey - Nil Menemencioglu

United Kingdom - Marilyn Ann Ward

United States - Brucene Smith

Venezuela - Ana María Padrón

Yugoslavia - Zlata Petkovic


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