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1974 Miss World Anneline Kriel

Anneline Kriel who was the winner of Miss World 1974 beauty contest, not only famed as a South African model but a good actress. When she won the crown of Miss World 1974, she was only 19 years old, representing South Africa and second woman who won the title from her country. The Miss World 1974 beauty contest was held in London, United Kingdom.

It was the 24th Miss World Pageant contest that held on 22nd November at Royal Albert Hall, London, England. First Helen Elizabeth Morgan who representing United Kingdom was became the second welsh and also forth United Kingdom lady to win. But suddenly she resigned after four days as she had a child and then Anneline Kriel became the Miss World 1974.

Anneline Kriel played a main role and starred as a actress in the worldwide hit film “Kill and Kill Again” that debuted at the 2nd, at US Box Office.

Anneline Kriel got married with Sol Kerzner-very famous entertainment and casino king (Sun City fame) then with Peter Bacon and also married with the late Phillip Tucker.

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1974 Miss World Anneline Kriel Photo

Anneline Kriel Miss World Picture

Miss World Top 5 Winner Photo

Anneline Kriel Crowing Moment Image

Win the Contest of Miss World 1974 Wallpaper

Beauty full Photo of Anneline Kriel

Anneline Kriel From South Africa Image

Winner of Miss World Anneline Kriel

Miss World 1974 Anneline Kriel Wallpaper

Miss World 1974 Group Photo

1974 Miss World Anneline Kriel From South Africa

1974 Contestants List

Africa South - Evelyn Peggy Williams

Argentina - Sara Barberi

Aruba - Esther Angeli Luisa Marugg

Australia - Gail Margaret Petith

Austria - Eveline Engleder

Bahamas - Monique Betty Cooper

Barbados - Linda Yvonne Field

Belgium - Anne-Marie Sophie Sikorski

Bermuda - Joyce Ann de Rosa

Botswana - Rosemary Moleti

Brazil - Mariza Sommer

Canada - Sandra Margaret Emily Campbell

Colombia - Luz Maria Osorio Fernández

Costa Rica - Rose Marie Leprade Coto

Denmark - Jane Moller

Dominican Republic - Giselle Scanlon Grullón

Ecuador - Silvia Aurora Jurado Estrada

Finland - Merja Talvikki Ekman

France - Edna Tepava

Germany - Sabrina Erlmeier

Gibraltar - Patricia Orfila

Greece - Evgenia (Nia) Dafni

Guam - Rosemary Pablo Laguna

Guernsey - Gina Elizabeth Ann Atkinson

Holland - Gerarda (Gemma) Sophia Balm

Honduras - Leslie Suez Ramirez

Hong Kong - Judy Denise Anita Dirkin

India - Kiran Dholakia

Ireland - Julie Ann Farnham

Israel - Lea Klain

Italy - Zaira Zoccheddu

Jamaica - Andrea Lyon

Japan - Chikako Shima

Jersey - Christine Marjorie Sangan

Korea - Shim Kyoung-sook

Lebanon - Gisèle Hachem

Madagascar - Raobelina Harisoa

Malaysia - Shirley Tan

Malta - Mary Louis Elull

Mexico - Guadalupe del Carmen Elorriaga Valdéz

New Zealand - Sue Nicholson

Nicaragua - Francis (Fanny) Duarte de León Tapia

Norway - Torill Mariann Larsen

Philippines - Agnes Benisano Rustia

Puerto Rico - Loyda Eunice Valle Blas Machado

Singapore - Valerie Oh Choon Lian

South Africa - Anneline Kriel

Spain - Natividad Rodríguez Fuentes

Sri Lanka - Vinodini Roshanara Jayskera

Sweden - Jill Lindqvist

Switzerland - Astrid Maria Angst

Thailand - Orn-Jir Chaisatra

Tunisia - Zohra Kehlifi

United Kingdom - Helen Elizabeth Morgan

United States - Terry Ann Browning

Venezuela - Alicia Rivas Serrano

Yugoslavia - Jadranka Banjac

Zambia - Christine Munkombwe


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