Thursday, June 3, 2010

1966 Miss World Reita Fariya

Reita Fariya born Bombay was the first Indian woman to win the Miss World title in 1966. She made the whole world sit up and look at India. By winning the crown, she showed the way for later competitors and gave them a confidence that they can take the world by storm. After her one year tenure she refused modeling and films and concentrated on medical studies which are a sure act to make the present day Miss Worlds to look up on their promised professions. She lives in Dublin, Ireland with her husband David Powell, and has two children and five grandchildren.

Watch Reita Fariya in the latest photoshoot, Enjoy downloading picture posters and wallpapers of Reita Fariya here.

Frist Miss World Reita Fariya Photo

Miss World Reita Fariya 1966

Reita Fariya Winning the Crown Imagae

Reita Fariya Frist Miss World

Reita Fariya Miss World 1966 Wallpaper

Reita Fariya Miss World Picture

Image of Reita Fariya

Photo of Reita Fariya

Reita Fariya Image

Miss World Reita Fariya

1966 First Miss World From India Reita Fariya

1966 Contestants List

Argentina - Graciela Guardone

Aruba - Reina Patricia Hernandez

Bahamas - Dorothy Cooper

Belgium - Mireille de Man

Brazil - Marlucci Manvailler Rocha

Canada - Diane Coulter

Ceylon - Priscilla Martensyn

Chile - Amelia Galaz

Costa Rica - Sonia Mora

Cyprus - Annoula Alvaliotou

Denmark - Irene Poller Hansen

Dominican Republic - Jeanette Dotel Montes de Oca

Ecuador - Alejandra Vallejo Klaere

Finland - Marita Gellman

France - Michèle Boulé

Gambia - Oumie Barry

Germany - Jutta Danske

Gibraltar - Grace Valverde

Greece - Efi Fontini Ploumbi

Guyana - Umblita van Sluytman

Holland - Anneke Geerts

Honduras - Danira Miralda Buines

Iceland - Audur Hardardóttir

India - Reita Faria

Ireland - Helen McMahon

Israel - Segula Gohr

Italy - Gigliola Carbonara

Jamaica - Yvonne Walter

Japan - Harumi Kobayashi

Jordan - Vera Jalil Khamis

Korea - Chung Eul-sun

Lebanon - Marlene Talih

Luxembourg - Mariette Sophie Stephano

Malaysia - Merlyn Therese McKelvie

Malta - Monica Sunnura

Mexico - Maria Cecilia González DuPress

Morocco - Naima Naim

New Zealand - Heather Gettings

Norway - Birgit Andersen

Philippines - Vivien Lee Austria

South Africa - Johanna Maud Carter

Suriname - Linda Haselhoef

Sweden - Ingrid Anna Andersson

Switzerland - Janine Solliner

Syria - Feriel Jelal

Trinidad & Tobago - Diane DeFreitas

Turkey - Inci Asena

United Kingdom - Jennifer Lowe Summers

United States - Denice Estelle Blair

Venezuela - Jeannette Kopp Arenas

Yugoslavia - Nikica Marinovic


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