Saturday, June 5, 2010

1952 Miss World May Louise Flodin

May Louise Flodin won the Miss World contest in 1952, the second annual Miss World pageant, was held on November14, 1952 at the Lyceum Theatre, London, United Kingdom. The title winning helped her to start a career as worldwide fashion model. 11 contestants competed for the Miss World title. Representing Sweden She became the second Swede to win Miss World, after kicki Hakansson,

May Louise Flodin balanced life on the catwalk with a life on water-skis - performing with her husband at public shows. Nowadays she runs a hotel chain in Jordan. She has four children and six grandchildren.

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Second Miss World May Louise Flodin

Image of Second Miss World in 1952

Miss World May Louise Flodin Photo

May Louise Flodin

May Louise Flodin Image

Miss World May Louise Flodin in 1952

Photo of May Louise Flodin

May Louise Flodin Picture

May Louise Flodin Miss World

1952 Miss World From Sweden May Louise Flodin

1952 All Contestants list

Denmark - Lillian Christensen

Egypt - Unknown

Finland - Eeva Maria Hellas

France - Nicole Drouin

Germany - Vera Marks

Great Britain - Doreen Dawne

Holland - Sanny Weitner

Ireland - Eithne Dunne

Sweden - May Louise Flodin

Switzerland - Sylvia Müller

United States - Tally Richards


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