Thursday, June 17, 2010

1956 Miss World Petra Susanna Schürmann

Petra Susanna Schürmann, the first German woman to be winning crowned Miss World in 1956. Petra Susanna worked for many years as a television presenter in her native Germany. She was expected to attend the 60th edition of Miss World, to be held in Vietnam in November. The Miss World Organization issued a note on its official website sending "condolences and love to her family and loved ones.

It is with great sadness we announce the death of Petra Schurmann, who won Miss World in 1956. It is very sad, particularly as she was expected to attend our 60th Anniversary in October in Vietnam. Petra Susanna died several days ago at the age of 74.

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Beauty full Petra Schürmann Photo

Petra Schürmann Miss World 1956 Image

Miss World Petra Schürmann Wallpaper

Beauty Queen Petra Schürmann in 1956

Close-up Photo Petra Schürmann

Image of Miss World 1956 Petra Schürmann

Winner of Petra Schürmann Miss World in 1956

Miss World 1956 Petra Schürmann (Germany)

Win the Contest of Petra Schürmann

Miss World in1956 Picture

Photo Miss World Winner in 1956

Old Petra Schürmann Picture

Miss World 1956 Top 6 Finalist Picture

Wallpaper of Petra Schürmann

1956 Miss World Petra Susanna Schürmann From Germany

1956 Contestants List

Austria - Margaret Scherz

Belgium - Madeleine Hotelet

Denmark - Anne Rye Nielsen

Egypt - Norma Dugo

Finland - Sirpa Helena Koivu

France - Genevieve Solare

Germany - Petra Susanna Schürmann

Great Britain - Iris Alice Kathleen Waller

Greece - Maria Paraloglou

Holland - Ans van Pothoven

Iceland - Agusta Gudmundsdóttir

Ireland - Amy Kelly

Israel - Rina Weiss

Italy - Angela Portaluri

Japan - Midoriki Tokura

Morocco - Lydia Marin

New Zealand - Jeannette de Montalk

South Africa - Norma Vorster

Sweden - Eva Bränn

Switzerland - Yolanda Daetwyler

Tunisia - Pascaline Agnes

Turkey - Suna Tekin

United States - Betty Lane Cherry

Venezuela - Celsa Pieri


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