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1982 Miss World Mariasela Lebron

Mariasela Lebron, the first Dominican woman who won the title of international beauty. She adorned with the crown of Miss World 1982 as she became the titleholder of Miss World beauty pageant contest. It was the 32nd Miss World contest that was held on 18th November, 1982 at Royal Albert Hall, London, United Kingdom.

Mariasela was born on 31st January, 1960 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. At the ending term as Miss World 1982, she came back to her country and completed her career at Architect at the Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo. In her country, many buildings including Santo Domingo's landmarks, Torre Cristal (where telephone company Codetel) were designed by her. She was busy in the TV business and her own weekly talk show Con los Ojos Abiertos in 1991.

In 1996, she had an extended career on TV show - Esta Noche Mariasela that was run successfully eight years therefore in her country, she was one of the most famous figures. That show was weekly telecasted for 2 hours and declared as Best TV show and won 4 Casandra Awards for that.

She is married with Sergio Alberto Fernandez Del Pino Fernandez and became mother-of-four children, Emmanuel, Andres, Chantal, Rebeca.

The home for HIV and orphans children- “the Casa Rosada of Santo Domingo” was founded by her. Through the Eva Lebron de Alvarez Foundation, Hogar Mariololy was founded by her in honor of her mother in 1993.

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1982 Miss World Mariasela Lebron

Win the Contest of Miss World 1982

Mariasela Lebron Wallpaper

Mariasela Lebron Wallpaper

Mariasela Lebron Picture

Beauty full Mariasela Lebron Photo

Beauty full Mariasela Lebron Photo

Mariasela Lebron Image

Won The Miss World Title 1982

Mariasela Lebron Miss World

Mariasela Lebron 1982 Miss World Image

Miss World Mariasela Lebron Picture

Winner of Miss World Mariasela Lebron

Miss World 1982 Top 5 Finalist Photo

Miss World Mariasela Lebron

Miss World 1982 Group Photo

1982 Miss World Mariasela Lebron From Dominican Republic

1982 Contestants List

American Virgin Islands - Benedicta Acosta

Aruba - Noriza Antonia Helder

Australia - Catherine Ann Morris

Bahamas - Oralee Laverne Stubbs

Belgium - Marie Pierre Lemaitre

Bermuda - Heather Michelle Ross

Bolivia - Brita Margareta Cederberg

Brazil - Monica Jannuzzi

Canada - Jody Jensen

Cayman Islands - Maureen Therese Lewis

Chile - Mariana Margarita Reinhardt Lagos

Colombia - Maria Teresa Gomez Fajardo

Costa Rica - Maureen Jimenez Solano

Curacao - Vendetta Maria Roozendal

Cyprus - Marina Elena Rauscher

Denmark - Tina Maria Nielsen

Dominican Republic - Mariasela Alvarez Lebron

Ecuador - Gianna Machiavello Gonzalez

El Salvador - Lorendana Munguta

Finland - Sari Kaarina Aspholm

France - Martine Marie Philipps

Germany - Kerstin Natalie Paeserack

Gibraltar - Louise Michelle Gillingwater

Greece - Anthy Priovolos

Guam - Frances Rose Limtiaco

Guatemala - Edith Suzanne Whitbeck Cain

Holland - Irene Maria Petronnella Heinrichs Schell

Honduras - Ana Lucia Rivera Castro

Hong Kong - Cally Kwong Mei-Wan

Iceland - Maria Björk Sverrisdóttir

India - Uttara Mhatre Kher

Indonesia - Andi Botenri

Ireland - Roberta Brown

Isle of Man - Maria Elizabeth Craig

Israel - Anat Kerem Haifa

Italy - Raffaella del Rosario

Jamaica - Cornelia Ramona Roxanne Parchment

Japan - Mutsuko Kikuchi

Korea - Choi Sung-yoon

Lebanon - May Mansour Chahwan

Malaysia - Nellie Teoh Swee Yang

Malta - Adelina Camilleri

Mexico - Ana Ruth Garcia Jimenez

New Zealand - Susan Jane Mainland

Norway - Janett Carine Krefting

Panama - Lorena Moreno

Paraguay - Susan Dominguez Gutter

Peru - Cynthia Mercedes Piedra

Philippines - Sara-Jane Coronel Areza

Portugal - Suzana Walker dos Santos Dias

Puerto Rico - Jannette Torres Burgos

Singapore - Yvonne Tan

Spain - Ana Isabel Herrero Garcia

Sri Lanka - Tania Colleen Anne Pereira

Sweden - Anne-Lie Margareta Sjöberg

Switzerland - Lolita Laure Morena

Tahiti - Teura Tuhiti

Thailand - Alisa Kajornchaiyakul

Trinidad & Tobago - Althea Ingrid Rocke

Turkey - Ayse Belgin Guven

Turks and Caicos Islands - Lolita Elaine Ariza

United Kingdom - Delia Frances Dolan

United States - Elizabeth LuAnn Caughey

Uruguay - Varinia Roxana Govea Pazos

Venezuela - Michelle Marie Shoda Belloso

Western Samoa - Lilly Caroline Hunt

Yugoslavia - Ana Sasso

Zimbabwe - Caroline Murinda


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